Leher is a vegan line crafted with meticulous care and a deep commitment to sustainability, resulting in the perfect fusion of style, comfort, and eco-friendliness. Drawing inspiration from the Indian tie-dye art of leheriya, each pair is a canvas where earthy colors and handmade weaves come together, creating a visual symphony.

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Our Mission

To bring a vibrant and fun shoe line to women who are juggling it all. We want to share our love of traditional Indian artistry through a modern, comfortable and stylish sneaker. Because we believe that a pop of color and a pop of culture can brighten any day

About Us
  • Vaishnavi B

    April 2022

    "I love that Poppy Shoes help me proudly wear my love for Indian prints and bright colors but with the practicality I need as a busy mom living in San Francisco. It's become my go-to slip-on for daytime wear as well as the shoe I choose when I want my outfit to look vibrant and fun!"

  • Priyanka M

    August 2022

    "Love Poppy shoes! I have them in 3 colors and it’s my go-to footwear! Elevate any outfit with the pop of color. It’s style and comfort wrapped into one shoe… be it school drop off or a casual evening out poppy shoes has you covered."

  • Aimee Danchise

    June 2022

    "I love my shoes! They definitely elevate my look and I get so many compliments on them."

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